by Jerry Vines

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Galatians 4:21-31
When the Lord Jesus taught Paul that salvation is by grace throu
faith it was the best news he ever heard. All of his life he had been trying
to be saved by what he did. He had tried to keep the law. He had tried to
observe all of the ordinances and all of the rituals. Through his own effort
he had tried to save himself. He found himself terribly bound and absolutely
poverty stricken spiritually. Then one day Paul heard the wonderful news tha
Jesus who had died on the cross was alive and was the living, eternal Savior
and that Jesus would save him by the sheer grace of God. Paul's heart was
absolutely overflowing with joy. Paul came to understand the wonderful truth
that you are not saved by what you do, but you are saved by what Jesus did
when He died on Calvary for you. Everywhere Paul went he preached the message
of salvation by grace through faith. That's the message he preached when he
went to the churches of Galatia. He told them that they did not have to keep
the law, they did not have to do works of good deeds in order to earn their
salvation; but that Jesus would freely give them salvation, change their liv,
and they could live for the Lord. This is the salvation experience the
Galatian believers had had. Shortly after that time a group of teachers came
who were teaching that maybe you were saved that way, but after you were sav
then you had to start keeping the law in order to stay saved. They were just
saying to these Galatian believers, "You've got to go under the law in order
to continue to merit the approval of God. The tragedy of it was that these
Galatian believers were on the verge of doing just that thing. There seems t
be a tendency on the part of man to want to revert back under the law in ord
to earn God's favor. Somehow there is a tendency for those who are saved,
after they have been saved, to want to go back to rules and rituals in order

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