by Jerry Vines

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Galatians 4:12-20
I want to compliment you for hanging in this book of Galatians. It's
not an easy book to understand, but when you get hold of what he is trying to
say it has a great deal of impact in your own personal life. To know that we
are saved by God's grace, that we do not have to depend upon what we do in
order to save ourselves, but we have what Jesus did for us. If that can ever
lodge in your heart, I assure you that it will absolutely transform your
Chrisitian life. Today's passage is a little bit easier. I promise you it gets
even better and better as we move toward the latter chapters where Paul deals
with the practical implications of the great doctrines he is expounding in
these verses.
I want us to look today at a passage of Scripture which I have given
the subject - The Care and Feeding of Converts. You remember last Sunday night
I believe it was Dr. Lindsay told you that we baptized 1,183 people last year.
We praise God for that. We thank God for that. But we know now that we have a
tremendous responsibility to these thousand plus people. We do not just win
them and forget them. We are now concerned about their care and their feeding,
how they grow and how they mature. That's what this passage is all about. If
you will keep that in mind I think it will mean more to you.
Paul has been like an astute lawyer pleading the case for salvation
by grace. Now, he becomes the loving pastor, pleading for the souls of these
young converts that they grow and mature in the Lord. Paul was a man who was
so militant for the truth that it may be there were times when people thought
he was rather harsh or unloving. I think from time to time there were people
who charged Paul with that. I think sometimes people said to Paul, "Paul,
you're so hard, you're harsh, don't you have any love in your heart?" I have a
feeling when people did t ...

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