by Jerry Vines

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Galatians 3:15-25
If there is anything made clear in the Bible it is the truth that we
are saved by what God does and not by what we do for ourselves.
I dare not work my soul to save.
That work my Lord has done.
But I will work like any slave,
For love of God's dear Son.
Over and over again, in the Scriptures, the Bible makes it clear that
God saves us by His grace. We are not saved by the works of the law. Actually,
chapters 3 and 4 of the book of Galatians are built around an argument to
prove that we are saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and
not by the works of the law. In this doctrinal section of the book of
Galatians, he wants us to understand upon what our salvation rests. He wants
us to know that we are saved by Jesus Christ and we are not saved because we
do the deeds of the law. Of course, having said that, and made that very
clear, we raise the question, "Why then did God give us the law?" We know that
God gave to Moses on the Mount Sinai, the ten commandments and all of the laws
of God. We know that they are in our Bible and a great deal of time is taken
up in dealing with them. But if these things cannot save us then why did God,
in the first place, give us this law? The verses we have read today are giving
us a discussion which shows us a relationship of the law to what God has done
for us in the Lord Jesus Christ. You will notice that the law is mentioned
many times in these verses. Some eight times, in the verses I've read aloud to
you this morning, he makes reference to the law of God. So we are going to
study Paul's argument to show the relationship of the law to what God has done
for us in Jesus Christ. First of all, we notice in these verses the law's
relationship to:
I. The Promise of God.
Not only does he mention th ...

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