by Jason Dees

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The Ownership of the Church (2 of 6)
Series: This Is the Church
Jason Dees
Romans 12

The responsibility
What we are doing.

Definition: The church is the community of all true believers for all time. This definition understands the church to be made of all those who are truly saved.

If you were here last week we began a sermon series on the church that we are going to be walking through for the rest of the summer, and our goal in this series is to be as clear as we can be on what the church is, who the church, and how the church behaves…

We call this branch of theology, ecclesiology, which is the theology of the church. And what we are trying to do every week is to find patterns in the book of Acts and in the whole New Testament in the hopes of understanding the church…

And if you were here last week we said something that is incredibly important. We said that the Church is the faithful witness of Christ.

It was God's plan that the full manifestation of the Kingdom of Christ would come in two phases and that between the first coming and the second coming of Christ that the church would be the witness of Jesus. So that Jesus would be known on earth through his disciples, through his people…

We looked at Acts 1:8 last week wherein Jesus says to his followers - You will be my witnesses… The goodness, and the power, and the salvation of Jesus would be known through his people, through his church. One of the things that we say all the time here at Valleydale that the church is the presence of the Kingdom.

So we believe in a Kingdom where all things will be set right. Where sin will be removed, where people will be united, where there won't be racial division, or generational division, or social division, where people will be comforted and every tear will be wiped away…
But of course now we still live in a world where there is sin, where there is division, where there is pain… But the church is a preview of ...

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