by Jason Dees

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The Importance of Covenant (3 of 6)
Series: This Is the Church
Jason Dees
Acts 2:42

Baptist Covenant
Baptist Faith and Message
Mission and Doctrine

Well I do want to wish all of our Fathers a happy Fathers day. What an honor it is to be a Father to be given the enormous responsibility from God to raise a child, that is an enormous stewardship and one that I hope every father here takes on with great humility before God and great faith in God. Today's message is not about Fathers or about how to be a great Father, but I bring it to you today as a man who is a Father of the church, and I bring it to you today on behalf of all of the Elders as I think it is very important for who we are as a church family.

Today we come to week 3 of our series on the church, and this is a very important series to who we are as a church, so if you are a member of our church family, I am so glad that you are here, you need to be here for this important family talk, and if you are new to Valleydale or New to Christianity I think that this is a great series to be a part of, because This is the Church, and central to the Christian life is life in the church.

Cyprian of Carthage a third-century church father famously said, ''He cannot have God for his father who does not have the church for his mother.''

Now that statement can be abused, and the church has certainly abused it through the years, and basically in some churches specifically the Orthodox church or the Roman Catholic church has set up the church leaders as a mediator between people and Jesus. Of course we would say that is an unbiblical position. Jesus didn't come to the earth to be an institution he came to the earth to be a man, so that he could identify with men and women like you and me, and you don't need a mediator to know Jesus, you just need Jesus, you just need to see him, you just need to know him.

But if you do meet Jesus, if you do meet the real Jesus then he always, a ...

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