by Jason Dees

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The Need for Shepherds, Pastors and Elders (5 of 6)
Series: This Is the Church
Jason Dees
Hebrews 13:2-19

Church Discipline
Pray to Begin

Valleydale / Iron City it is so good to be back with you. Since I saw you last on June 28th I have been in Canada, Turkey, and Moldova and as much as I love seeing what God is doing all over the world, I love to come back home to the church that I have been called to serve, and so it is great to be with you today. Last Sunday I know you had the great joy of hearing from Matt Robinson, who is one of the great stories and great joys of our pastoral internship program. Matt was in our first group of pastoral interns or pastoral residents and he showed so much promise as a pastor and leader that we brought him on staff last year to lead men's ministry and to lead the internship program, and Matt has done an exceptional job leading our interns this year and he has recruited an amazing group of guys for next years class… And I want to thank you as a congregation for investing into guys like Matt, who came to us as a guy that had only been a believer for a couple of years he had no pastoral experience, no seminary training. And over the past two years he is about halfway through a Masters of Divinity degree a very difficult degree to get, and he has been very busy working here and he has grown to be a wonderful pastor and leader and teacher and as you heard last week is becoming a wonderful preacher. So I am so grateful for him, but I am just as grateful for a congregation like you who has a heart to invest into young guys, I am grateful for a congregation like you who has a heart to raise up pastors and that is exactly what we are going to be talking about today as we continue our summer series, This is the Church.

And today we want to look at Church Leadership.

So if you have been with us over the past several weeks we have been taking a broad strokes look at the ...

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