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Worship (6 of 6)
Series: This Is the Church
Jason Dees
Acts 16

What Worship Is
What Worship Isn't
Why We Worship Together
What Worship Does
Corporate Nature of this
Paul and Silas

The Dees family has always struggled with punctuality and so from my earliest memories of going to church we would often arrive at the service a few minutes after the service had begun and because my dad was on church staff in those days and was usually busy with his pastoral duties I have a lot of memories of being with my mom and my sister waiting in the lobby of Whitesburg Baptist Church for the appropriate time to sneak in.

Now if someone was reading scripture, or preaching, that was not the appropriate time to sneak into to church, or if someone was being baptized, or if the Lord's Supper was being served, these were also unacceptable times to sneak in… So we had to wait in the lobby until the congregation started singing or until everyone bowed their heads to pray because that was the appropriate time to sneak in, that was when it was ok because after all they were just singing.

Now I don't tell you that story to discourage you from sneaking into church if you are late, if you are late we understand, just come on in we want you to come in… if I am preaching, or we're baptizing, or whatever, we want you to come in and be a part of it…

But it does kind of illustrate a lot of people's attitude toward corporate prayer and maybe especially singing in the worship service…

Its like this is the time where if you have to get something done, if you need to sneak in, if you need to sneak out, wait until everyone's heads are bowed, or wait for a song, because after all its just the singing, I don't even know why that part is so important anyway.

Throughout the summer we have been in a series called This is the Church and throughout the series we have been looking at the book of Acts and asking the question what was true of the first church, wh ...

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