by Fenton Moorhead

Hung on a Cross: A Palm Sunday Sermon
Fenton Moorhead
Luke 23:32-38


If God and Jesus are hard for you and faith does not make sense, please allow me to make a suggestion.

Faith in God cannot be adequately explained by human reason.

As humans we are finite and limited in knowledge and understanding.

Scripture says that as humans we are like a flower that blooms, then quickly fades and withers, and is soon no more.

When we talk about the things of God it takes faith that appreciates what cannot be exhaustively explained and is beyond being reduced to human reason.

The extent of my ability to think and understand eternity on my own is like dust on a scale, imperceptible.

If we are to know the Eternal Infinite and Holy God of all creation, we are dependant on his initiative to reveal himself to us.

And that is what the Bible and Jesus are all about.

I appreciate that you are here, doubts and all.

One more suggestion. As long as you are here, why not say a prayer?

Ask God to reveal himself to you today. By praying you humble yourself and become receptive.

Jesus said we enter the kingdom of God like a child who trusts in those who love him.

Let's pray.


''Were You There'' … when they crucified my Lord… Sometimes it causes me to tremble… Were you there?

Stand with me at the foot of the cross this morning.
What does the death of Christ on the cross mean to you personally?
What happened there that matters to you?

What did Jesus experience, emotionally, spiritually, physically?

Crucifixion was an ancient form of capital punishment.
It was used extensively by the Romans as a stern warning to anyone who was not a Roman citizen and would dare rebel again Roman authority.
Thousands were crucified along the highways of the Roman Empire.
One the day Jesus was crucified there were two others.
The people of Jerusalem could have thought it was just another crucifixion EXCEPT for ...

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