by Jerry Vines

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Galatians 3:6-14
God has only one plan of salvation. That plan has never changed. God
has one gospel, He has one Savior, and He has one way of salvation. Everybody
who has ever been saved, everybody who is being saved, and everybody who will
ever be saved has to be saved the same way. God's method of salvation is by
grace, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul has been
dealing about the salvation experience of the Galatian believers. In these
verses, he goes to the Old Testament. He shows that what the Galatians had
experienced is consistent with the teachings of the Word of God. So, in these
verses there are a series of six Old Testament Quotations to prove from the
Word of God that salvation by grace, through faith in the Lord Jesus is the
same plan of salvation that all men of all of the ages have been saved by. He
reaches into the Old Testament and pulls out a character, Abraham; Abraham,
who was the father of the Jewish race; Abraham, who was the great hero of the
Hebrew people; Abraham, who was God's great example of what salvation is all
about. He shows that the way Abraham was saved thousands of years ago is the
same way the Galatians believers were saved and it is the same way you and I
are saved and everybody that will ever be saved has to be saved. What we are
seeing in these verses is that all of us who know thte Lo-i share a common
spiritual heritage with Abraham. We share the same faith which Abraham shares
with us. Jesus Christ died on the cross. Abraham looked forward by faith and
received that for his very own. Jesus Christ died on the cross . You and I
look backward by faith and receive into our lives what Jesus did for us there.
I want us to notice the things we have in common with Abraham, notice that we
share a spiritual heritage with Abraham in our salvation.
I. The Same Justification.
Paul has been talking about this great doctrine of ju ...

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