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The Kiss of a Prostitute (4 of 4)
Series: The Kiss
Jeff Strite
Luke 7:36-50

Alan Calhoun of Bristol, Connecticut told of a tag sale (garage sale) he and wife had several years ago. They had decided to put out a mirror they'd received as a wedding gift. The reason they were selling it was that it had a gaudy aqua-colored metal frame and they just couldn't find a room in their house where it looked good.

Shortly after the tag sale began, a man (who was looking to decorate his apartment) bought the mirror for one dollar. He was all excited, and he said as he bought it: ''This is a great deal - it still has the plastic on it.'' Then he peeled off the aqua-colored protective covering… to reveal a beautiful gold finished frame underneath.

Lots of people go to garage sales looking for bargains just like that.
Some people have a saying about garage sales:
''One man's trash is another man's (pause) treasure,''
The belief is that once in a while you'll stumble upon a treasure that the owner doesn't know the value of.

I. Jesus had been preaching Galilee for nearly a year now and He's a very popular man, particularly amongst the common people. Already He has healed a leper, a paralytic and dozens of other people. He has even cast out demons and raised a widow's son from the dead. And all this has taken place before the event we see recorded here in Luke 7:36ff.
Everybody loved Jesus. Well… almost everybody. The Pharisees actually hated Him. He didn't pander to their crowd, and occasionally He said things that ruffled their feathers and challenged their man made rules.

They don't like Him, but they're not sure how to handle Him.
They've tried ignoring Him.
They've tried publicly opposing Him.
And they've tried entrapping Him in doctrinal disputes
Nothing seems to work.

But now - Simon the Pharisee believes he's found the way to take Jesus out. A way he believes will humiliate this new teacher and render His influence useless.

II. Simon invite ...

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