by Jerry Vines

Maintaining The Truth of the Gospel
Galatians 2:1-10
A few days ago the Democratic Party held their National Convention.
This week the Republican Party will have their convention in Dallas, Texas.
All of the public proceedings of this conventions are reported in the
newspaper, on television, and they are available for public consumption.
Behind the scenes there will be many meetings and many decisions which will be
made which will not be apparent or broadcast widespread to people at large.
So, there is a public convention; but there is also the meetings that go on
behind the scenes that ultimately determine how the convention is going to
turn out.
Early in the history of the church there was a council meeting or a
convention meeting held which is a very important meeting. In the 15th chapter
of the book of Acts we have the public account of that meeting and what took
place. In Galatians 2:1-10, Paul gives us the behind-the-scenes activity that
really determine how that convention turned out. What took place at what is
now called the Jerusalem Council was very, very important. In fact, your life,
today, is directly affected by the decisions of that Jerusalem Council. The
fact that you are in this building worshipping on Sunday instead of Saturday
is due to that council and the decisions there. If you are going to have ham
for lunch today, you will do so because of the decision of that convention.
When you see that there are no elaborate rituals going on in this church
service today, this is because of the decision reached in the Jerusalem
Council recorded in Acts chapter 15.
The great issue of this first council meeting was this: What does
a person have to do in order to be saved? There was one group of people, one
party that said, "You cannot be saved unless you became a Jew, were
circumcised, and followed the rules in the legislation of Judiasm. " That was
the only way they said you could be saved. On the other hand the apostle Paul
sa ...

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