by Jerry Vines

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This Is My Story
Galatians 1:11-24
This is Paul's personal testimony. I think one of the most remarkable
conversion experience in the history of the world is when the apostle, Paul, a
jewish Rabbi met Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. It's really quite a
thrilling story, isn't it? Here is a man who was persecuting the church of the
Lord one moment and the next moment he is preaching Jesus Christ. Of course,
there is a sense in which every testimony is a remarkable experience. The
grace of God has to be manifested in the salvation of any individual soul just
as much as in any other. But there is a sense in which Paul's personal
testimony stands on the annals of Scripture as one of the most remarkable
transformations and changes in the history of the world. Paul was constantly
giving his personal testimony. Three times, in the book of Acts, he tells what
happened the day when he met Jesus on the Damascus Road. Here he gives again
his personal testimony. Every person who has been saved has a personal
testimony. If you have had the experience then you can tell somebody about it.
If you have had it, then you can tell it. Every believer ought to tell the
story of what Jesus has done in his life and how Christ has saved him and
changed his life. Paul tells his testimoy in these verses for a very special
reason. His purpose in telling his testimony right here is to demonstrate that
what God did in his life was a very personal, a very intimate, a very
independent experience between his own soul and God. Others may have a part in
your salvation. Others may be used of God to lead you to the place where
Christ comes into your life. But, at that moment when you know you are a
sinner and by faith open up your heart and life and let Jesus come in, that
experience takes place in your heart alone between you and God. It is a very
personal experience. They are saying Paul is not a legitimate apostle. His
message, his ...

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