by Jerry Vines

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Gospel Pollution
Galatians 1:1-10
To write a letter is one of the most personal things you'll ever do.
bmeans of a letter Ae actually reveal your soul to another,vndividual.
I-el~nk ghis~why the letters of Paul are so very special. They not only la
his heart, but his letters reveal the heart of God as well. s a joy to
to read the letters of Paul! I read the letter of Ephesians.aA There &
*:C LbLfa Pauls says, "61essed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ who bath blessed us with all blessings in t4e heavenly places. Then I
pick up his letter to the Philippians - a love letter. I read there)rb
I thank God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of
mine for you all, making request$ with joy. So the letters c apostle,
Pau Ware love letters. They Levedl the heart -%,goy are a delight to
read.Ta *hen you pick up this particular letter, there is a different
Natmosphere altogether From the very outset, you ohAryV tbat Paul is
troubled. He is deeply aggitated. Something is wrong. L letter is like a
sword in the hands of Paul. It's sif omething t-haLA very dear to Paul is
under attack, and he wheels into battle. What is the problem in this
particular letter? Wa9ijij cta11ily'dealing wiFh a problem oft-peti-on.
We are all familiar with the problems of pollution. 1-w reading this week-
4\veditorial tn-the-newspaper about the St. Johns river and e importance of
riding the river of as much pollution as we possibly can. We- --,prbl
of- ollution in our streams, we have pollution problem in our atmosphere. In
some of the reports that have beenscomin- from the Q ymphics in Los Angeles,
tb- have beull talking about the smog problem. They are afraid maybe ha one
of the pole vaulters will disappear ui in the smog,one of these-afternoons. I
heard about a little school kid out in Los Angeles who wrote poemr. I shot an
arrow into the air-and it stucII.,-So M are faced with the problems of
polluti ...

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