by Jerry Vines

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I Corinthians 15:51-53
This past Thursday, we noted the 20th anniversary of man
walking on the moon. Twenty years ago, actually it was on a
Sunday night, Buzz Aldren and Neal Armstrong landed the little
craft, Eagle, on the surface of the moon. It was indeed an excit-
ing time. I remember that Sunday afternoon well. One of our
teenage girls in the church called me and was all excited. She
said, "Oh, Preacher! Preacher, they're fixing to land on the
moon! Are we going to have church tonight?" Of course, I told
her, "Yes, we will. We'll have church tonight and watch it on
T.V. after church is over." As it turned out it was a little bit
later on. It was indeed an exciting time when Neal Armstrong, for
the first time in the history of the world, stepped on the moon
and said, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
It was an absolutely amazing and astounding thing! Here was man
for the first time that had been suddenly transported from the
earth and deposited into outer space, with a thrust of 7.5 million
lbs., Journeying at the speed of 25,000 miles per hour, 233 miles
into space. A man was taken from this earth, carried into the
atmosphere of outer space and landed upon the moon. It certainly
has changed the way we look at the moon. There are not many songs
being written today about the moon like there used to be. The
romance to some extent has been taken out of the moon. The moon
arrival on the part of man has made understandable and plausible
about what the Bible arY to say about the return of Jesus and the
catching away of God's saints one of these days. The Bible actu-
ally teaches that there is going to come a time when every born
again believer, who is alive, is going to be caught up to meet the
Lord in the air without dieing. The Bible teaches that every born
again believer who has died and is buried at that particular time
will be resurrected and c ...

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