by Jerry Vines

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I Cor. 15:35-49
Dr. Jerry Vines
Centuries ago Job asked the question - if a man die shall he
live again? That is a question which has engaged the minds of men from
his day until ours. All of us are interested in the subject - is there
going to be life after death? There were some in the days of the
Apostle Paul who said, absolutely not. There is not going to be any
resurrection of the body. There are those in our day who say that the
resurrection of the body is absurd, that it is impossible, that it
cannot occur. The Greeks in the time of the Apostle Paul had gathered
the immortality of the soul. It was commonly believed that the soul of
man was immortal and that it would live on and on and on. But the
concept of a resurrection of the body was beyond their power to
comprehend. The Bible teaches the resurrection. The very word,
resurrection, suggests a resurrection of the body. It's really made up
of two words -- the Greek word which means to stand and a preposition
which means again. So, resurrection means to stand again. Contrary to
many of the religions of the world the Christian faith teaches that the
believer is one of these days going to experience a resurrection of the
body. In verse 35 Paul raises two great questions. Number one - how
are the dead raised up? Number two - with what body do they come? All
of us are interested in these two questions. Whether you are aware or
not, you are interested in these questions. You are interested in
questions that have to do with the resurrection of the body. There may
be those of you who have lost loved ones. You are very interested in
this question. You have experienced the loss of loved ones and how
heart-rending and how grievous it is. Some of you, the last time you
saw that loved one, their body was covered with cancer. The last view
you had of that body was a body covered ...

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