by Rex Yancey

Bird Watching
Rex Yancey
Matthew 13:31-32

We have called these parables the seaside chats of Jesus. They are parables that answer many of the perplexing questions we have today about what God is doing in our day. God is active. His Word is being preached. People can be and are being saved today.

However, with the real comes the false. With the genuine comes the imposter.

This is a brief, simple story that is full of meaning. One man, one mustard seed, planted, came up and became a plant. Then it became a tree with branches, and the birds of the air came and began to make nests and to settle into the branches of that tree.

Today I want is to look at the declaration, the transformation and the habitation.


This is found in verse 31. We know what the seed represents, the Word of God. The man who is doing the sowing is Jesus. The field is the world.

-Why is the Kingdom of heaven like a mustard seed?

1. The strength of the seed

-Mustard is strong. It has bite. It has pungency. Go eat at a Chinese restaurant and try some of their mustard.

-In the old days mustard was applied to the chest of people who had pneumonia. It would take the skin off. It didn't cure the pneumonia but it helped people to focus their attention on some other area of the anatomy than the lungs.

-We must never forget that we preach a powerful gospel.

2. The size of the seed.

It was small, tiny, and infinitesimally small. The gospel does not come with a lot of pomp and circumstance. A young maiden conceived, brought forth a savior, the delivery room was a stable, the world rejected him and he died between two thieves.

-The mustard seed was the smallest seed in Palestine in that day. It had become a proverb by the time of Jesus for something very small. It was about like a fleck of pepper.

-There are those not attracted to Jesus. Isaiah said ''He has no stately form or majesty that we should look upon him, nor appearance that we should ...

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