by Jerry Vines

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I Corinthians 15:12-34
Dr. Jerry Vines
There are certain chapters in the bible which are known for the
subject matter. I Corinthians 13 is the great love chapter in the
Bible. I Corinthians 15 is the great resurrection chapter. We have
already looked at the first eleven verses of the chapter and we are
going to look tonight at verse 12-34. I'll do my best to cover these
verses in this particular message.
It is appointed unto man once to die. But these verses tell us
about the death of death.
If Jesus Christ rose again from the dead we will. If we don't
then Jesus Christ did not. They both hang together. If Jesus rose again
from the dead that is the assurance that every believer is going to have
a resurrection. But if dead men do not come back from the dead then the
resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cruelest hoax ever perpetrated on
the human race. That is the substance of the argument that Paul gives
in these verses. He is saying to us that the two go together -- the
resurrection of Jesus and our resurrection. The foundation of the
Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus. The cornerstone of what
we believe as children of God is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This
is a subject that is very important and it is of vital interest to every
one of us. All of us know we are going to have to die unless Jesus
Christ comes again and so it becomes extremely important whether or not
the resurrection is true. Admit the resurrection of Christ and you
admit the other. deny the resurrection of the believer and you deny the
resurrection of Jesus Christ. They both go together.
There are certain implications that are to be made as result of
what we believe about this. If you do not believe that people come back
from the dead that has certain implications. If you believe according
to the Scriptures that dead men do come back from the dead -- that has
certain implications. I want us to consider the ...

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