by Rex Yancey

Trusting Christ in a Demonic World
Rex Yancey
Mark 5:1-20

We have looked at trusting Christ in a dangerous world. No one here would argue with that point. But I want us to think about trusting Christ in a demonic world. We know the world is dangerous; but it is also demonic.

Many today believe in spirits who don't take seriously the existence, power, and danger of evil spirits. New Age mysticism, practices, channeling, which invites personal interaction with the spirit-world-but the spirits who participate are evil spirits with their clever deceptions.

How many demons are there? I don't know, but in the story we are studying, one man was possessed with a whole legion of them. In the Roman Army, a legion could be as many as six thousand soldiers. The word may be literal here or it may indicate a large number. We do know that when the demons were cast into a herd of hogs, 2,000 of them committed sooeyside!

As we study the Gerasene demoniac, I want us to look at three forces at work then that are still at work today.


V. 1-5. It is obvious that this man had a lot of strength. He was stronger than the people who tried to subdue him. He was stronger than shackles and chains. He was the strongest man in the region.

Who would not want that kind of strength? But while he was a man of great might, he was also a man of great misery.

He lived in a graveyard. He was isolated. He was physically separated from other people. He lived in the place of death. He screamed his agony day and night, and gashed himself with stones in a vain attempt to distract himself from mental and emotional pain that never went away. He had great power in his body, but no peace in his soul. He is the poster child of those who throughout the ages are empowered by evil forces and their only goal was to dominate and devastate.

He was lawless. ''No man could bind him.'' He was out of control. He was restless. ''And always night or and day.'' This is in t ...

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