by Johnny Hunt

The Blessing of Being Saved
The Life Is Here
Johnny Hunt
Psalms 126:5-6

INTRODUCTION: The key words are tears and weeping. These words were never more freshly on my mind than when I first asked Christ into my life as Lord and Savior. It seems that I experienced the same emotions as the Jews in Psalm 126. My salvation seems too good to be true, it was like unto a dream. My mouth was so filled with laughter, joy and celebration that I wanted the whole world to know of my conversion experience. Even those who did not know our Lord recognized a significant change in my life. It was not long until I felt everyone I knew needed to know Christ, or I would just die! I immediately began to share my personal story and study the scriptures in order to support the happenings. I sensed that deep down inside, people really wanted to know that they too, could know God personally and intimately. I found myself each day spending more and more time talking to others about Christ, and then spending significant periods of time in prayer on their behalf. I was going and weeping. I became someone I had never been before, an emotional believer. I had strong feelings and desires to see others, especially friends and family, come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. It was not unusual to weep as I spoke of Christ and His offer of eternal life.

I welcomed opportunities to share Christ's love and could never retire for the evening without kneeling by my bed and taking those I witnessed to to the throne of God. God literally broke my heart for my mother, father, and close friends. I read every tract I could get my hands on in order to become more familiar with the gospel of Christ. I came to experience and to personally know the passion of soul-winning.

There is much to be learned about passion. Webster defines it as a strong liking for a devotion to some activity, object, or concept. Note what this passage teaches us about soul-winning.

Some believe this Psalm deals with the Isra ...

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