by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 13:8-13
Dr. Jerry Vines
We are going to focus on the statement in verse that says, "whether
there be tongues, they shall cease." You may remember that I said to
you that it is possible to organize the spiritual gifts mentioned in
the New Testament into three general categories. There are the
speaking gifts, the serving gifts and the sign gifts. When you look at
all the lists of the spiritual gifts in the New Testament in their
chronological order you will discover that each of the lists minimizes
or gets smaller as you move along. Finally, when you come to I Peter
4:10 & 11, you will find that the Word of God gathers the gifts
together in the speaking gifts and in the serving gifts but no mention
is made of the sign gifts. In that connection it is interesting to me
that Paul in I Corinthians 13, right in the middle of the section on
spiritual gifts, makes the statement "whether there be tongues they
shall cease."
The purpose for these particular verses which I have read is to
show us a contrast between the permanency of love and the temporary
nature of certain of the spiritual gifts. You will notice in verse 8
he says "loves never fails." The word, fails, was used to describe the
dropping of petals off of a flower. He is saying here that love never
fades. Love will never die. Love will continue on and on and on.
In contrast to the permanency of love he says whether there be
prophecies, whether there be tongues, whether there be knowledge - that
they are temporary in nature. I'm interested first of all in the
statement concerning the matters of prophecy and knowledge. He says
specifically that prophecies shall fail and that knowledge shall vanish
away. It is obvious to us that he is not talking about the ordinary
kind of knowledge. You and I understand, that in the future, we are
not going to lose our knowledge. When we get to heaven there will not
be an absence of knowledge but the Bible teache ...

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