by Stephen Whitney

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God With Us (3 of 5)
Series: Advent
Stephen Whitney
Matthew 1:22-23

Robert Stevenson, the grandfather of the famous Scottish author of children’s books Robert Louis Stevenson, was well respected as a gifted engineer for his invention of intermittent lights used in the lighthouses he built along the Scottish coast during the late 1700’s.

In one storm alone, 70 ships were lost off the east coast of Scotland so lighthouses were very important to the shipping industry. He served for almost 50 years as an engineer designing and overseeing the construction of numerous lighthouses.

He used different sources of light and designs for reflective lenses along with rotation and shutter systems which provided each lighthouse with its individual signature so ships could identify each lighthouse along the coast

In 1872 on the 100th anniversary of his birth a large celebration was arranged to honor his achievements. As part of the festivities, a parade was held in which many banners were displayed. One of the banners that best expressed the spirit of the occasion was held high by a local farmer with the simple statement: ONE OF US.

The common people found great joy in the fact that the great Robert Stevenson was identified with them. He had come from their town and had lived his life with them.

The message of Christmas is that the eternal God came to earth to become one of us so he could die as our substitute for our sins.

Historical Background Isaiah 7:1-14
Ungodly King :1-13
Seven hundred years before the birth of Christ. The Northern kingdom of Israel was in alliance with Syria to capture Judah the Southern kingdom. Judah’s king Ahaz was afraid about what might happen to his kingdom. He was an ungodly king who didn’t follow the law of God and therefore knew he was not in position to claim God’s presence or power for deliverance. Nevertheless, God sent Isaiah to the king to give him assurance that God would indeed deliver the people, not for Ahaz’s sak ...

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