by Stephen Whitney

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Worship the King (4 of 5)
Series: Advent
Stephen Whitney
Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11

An expressive woman wandered into a liturgical service which is formal and structured. As the pastor preached, she became so caught up in his message that she exclaimed, ''Praise the Lord!'' A fellow worshipper leaned over and whispered, ''Excuse me, but we don't praise the Lord'' in the Lutheran church.'' A man a down the pew corrected him, ''Yes we do; it's on page 19 in the hymnal.''

The question we need to ask our self is, ''What really is worship?'' Is it what we say or don't say? Is it about how we feel? Is it what we do? Or is it silent mediation?

Worship is expressing your gratitude to God for:
1. Who he is meaning his character - holy, just, kind and loving.
2. What he has done in creating the world in which we live.
3. What he has done in sending Christ to be our Savior.

Martin Luther wrote, ''The most acceptable service we can do and show unto God, and which alone he desires of us, is that he be praised by us.''

The wise men give us three characteristics which we need to develop in our lives to truly worship Christ our Savior.

DISCERNMENT - Eyes to seek Him :1-2
Men :1
Wise men (KJB magi) - Gk. oriental scientist (:7,16).
Thayer's Hebrew Lexicon - ''It was the name given by the Babylonians to astrologers, seers and interpreters of dreams.''

These men had come some 700 miles from the area of Babylon to Jerusalem which would have taken them about a month.

Sign :2
As the Magi observed the heavens they saw something they had not seen before, a new star, which attracted their attention. They believed a new star as a sign that a new king had been born. There are many different views about what they saw, but Mark Kidger, a British astrophysicist believes the star was real and that
it can still be seen by a telescope today even though it is now dim. He says that it was a bright nova probably described by Chinese Astronomers as an unusually bright s ...

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