by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 12:12-27
Dr. Jerry Vines
These verses occur in the context of the subject of spiritual
gifts. In the opening verses of this chapter, Paul has introduced the
subject of spiritual gifts. He has said that every child of God has one
or more spiritual gifts. He has also said that these spiritual gifts
given to believers are to be exercised by them not for their own selfish
purposes, but for the benefit of the body (the church) of the Lord Jesus
Christ. Every believer is to use his spiritual gifts in order that
God's church might bless and grow and become everything it ought to be.
In order to illustrate what he is talking about Paul moves to a
very familiar figure of speech. When you study the New Testament you
will find that there are several figures of speech that are used to
describe what a church is like. For instance, sometimes we are told the
church is like a family. We say we are born into the family of God and
we are members of God's family. We sing the little chorus "I'm so glad
that I'm a part of the family of God.
Sometimes the church is described as a flock. The Bible says we
are the sheep, the Lord is the Shepherd. We are the sheep of His flock.
Sometimes it's described as an army -- the army of the Lord.
Terrible as an army with banners. The Salvation Army has built its
whole church affiliation around the concept of the church as a mighty
army of the Lord.
Sometimes the church is compared to a bride -- the beautiful
bride of Christ. The Bible says that one day the Lord is going to
present the bride to Himself a glorious bride without spot and without
blemish. Sometimes the church is like a bride, loving the Lord Jesus
Christ, the heavenly bridegroom.
On other occasions the church is described as building. The
Bible says the church is built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus. The
church like a mighty super structure, line on line, piece on piece is
being built together to be the might building of the Lord Jes ...

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