by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 12:1-11
Dr. Jerry vines
The charismatic movement is a relatively new development in the
history of the American church. It has its roots in the old line
pentecostalism, but it finds its manifestation today in all of the main
line denominations in our land. The charismatic movement is a movement
that has burst upon the scene in America and has been a source of a
great deal of discussion and a great deal of disagreement among the
people of God. There are charismatic Christians as they are called.
Charismatic Christians who say they have the gift of tongues, the gift
of healing, a variety of spiritual gifts. There are many sincere,
genuine Christians who call themselves charismatic Christians. I have
no purpose in this series of Bible studies to in anyway disparage any
of the children of God. I have no intention to say anything that would
be discourteous or unkind to any of God's children. My purpose is to
study the Bible and see what the Bible says about the whole area of
spiritual gifts.
There is a great deal of confusion in this particular area -- a
lot of misinformation about the whole area of spiritual gifts, speaking
in tongues, healing and these matters. For God's children, the final
authority is always the Word of God. For a Christian, the question
always is - what does the Bible say. We do not build our doctrine on
the basis of our experience, but rather on the basis of the Bible. We
do not bring the Bible to our experience, but rather we bring our
experience to the Bible. What the Bible says, we must say. What the
Bible we must teach. What the Bible admonishes we must be willing to
The whole area of spiritual gifts in the charismatic movement
can best be understood if we understand it in the context of I
Corinthians 12, 13 and 14. You will notice this section begins
similarly to what has previously been said. He begins in verse 1 by
saying - "Now concerning spiritual gifts, breth ...

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