by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 8:1-13
Dr. Jerry Vines
The Corinthian believers had written to the Apostle Paul
and in their letter they had asked him a series of questions. Paul is
really just answering his mail. In chapter 7 he has answered
concerning questions relative to the matter of marriage. Now, in the
8th chapter he says, "now as touching things offered unto idols."
Probably not many of us in this building tonight are all uptight about
meat offered to idols. Probably nobody came in here wanting to decide
whether or not you should eat meat that had been offered unto idols. I
want to assure you that the Corinthian believers were very much uptight
about the matter and they were trying to make some decisions about it.
There was division among the brethren. There were some Corinthian
believers who said that would be perfectly allright to do. There were
others who said it would be sinful for a Christian to do.
To get a little background to help you understand, let me
point out to you that when pagan people went into their temple,
sacrifices were placed on those pagan altars. Meat was used and some
of the meat would be placed on the altar and be consumed. Others
portions of the meat would be reserved for the priests and they would
use it in banquets they would have in the temple. Still other portions
of that meat would be carried into the public marketplace and at a
greatly reduced price people were able to buy that meat. So, the
question came -- is it right for a Christian to buy that meat or to
participate in eating of that meat which has been laid on altars that
have been sacrificing unto idols. That's not a big question for us
today. Meat is not necessarily a problem. In fact, at the price of
meat today, you normally have to buy it on the lay-away plan. So, we
don't have a whole lot of problems about meat in our day. But it
really touches on something that is very, very important to us. It
touches on the area of how we can deci ...

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