by Jerry Vines

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I Cor. 7: 1-40
Dr. Jerry Vines
Evidently the Corinthian believers had written to the
Apostle Paul asking him a series of questions. At this point in that
letter Paul is responding to those questions. We know this because of
what we find in the first verse: "Now concerning the things whereof
you wrote unto me." We know by that language that Paul is responding
to the things they had addressed to him. In this chapter he will deal
with the subject of marriage, also with the matter of being single.
You will find similar language in the eighth chapter: "Now as touching
things offered unto idols." In the twelfth chapter and verse one:
"Now concerning spiritual gifts brethren." Similar language. He is
going to answer a question they have raised about the matter of
spiritual gifts. In the sixteenth chapter, verse one: "Now concerning
the collection for the saints." They had asked some questions about
the rA1Llation that- was being taken up for believers who were in need
of help. So, we have a series of questions that Paul is answering in
response to the inquiry which these Corinthian believers made. The
seventh chapter has to do with the subject of marriage.
There was a particular circumstance in the city of
Corinth and a particular cultural atmosphere which must be understood
if you are going to really get what is being said in this chapter.
This is not an easy chapter to understand. There are many things
there that sound strange to us. There are discussions here that seem
to be foreign to cirCUmStall i in which we find ourslves- tuday. You
have to be aware there was a cultural atmosphere. In the city of
Corinth, marriage was indeed a very severe problem. Divorce was
rampant in their society. When people came to know the Lord one of the
things they were taught was the importance of the family structure and
the imperative nature of having a Christian family. Because of that
there were some believers who tended to g ...

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