by Jerry Vines

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I Corinthians 7:1-4
Dr. Jerry Vines
I want to talk about the challenge of reaching single
adults for the Lord and share with you some principles from God's Word
about how to be happily unmarried. Some of the great personalities of
the Bible were single. The Apostle Paul was single. There is some
debate about why he was single. Some believe Paul had never married.
Others believed that he was married and was now a widower. Whatever
that may be we do know Paul was evidently a single. Then, of
course, there was a group of people in the Bible that were very
important because there were widows in the New Testament church. In
fact, in the letters to the Apostle Paul to the young man Timothy Paul
gives a specific series of guidelines about how the church is to relate
to its widows. I thank God for the widows in the fellowship of First
Baptist Church. Some of the godliest, the sweetest, the most Christ-
like people in our fellowship are widows -- those whose mates have gone
on to be with the Lord. There was a group of widows in the New
Testament church. Then, of course, the Lord Jesus Christ was single.
He never married, lived approximately 33 years, had come into the world
to do the will of the Father and He did not marry. He went to the
cross, died, gave Himself for the sins of the whole world and he never
experienced the marriage relationship. These verse in I Corinthians 7
just put the single state in the proper perspective and shows us that
the single state can be a very, very useful condition and that a person
who is single can serve the Lord. I was 23 when Janet and I married.
I was called to preach at the age of 16 and at 18 I had my first
church. For five years I was a single. I didn't know I was what you
would call a single. I knew I wasn't married, but back in those days
we didn't have the categories as clearly defined. But for about five
years of my ministry I served as pastor, preached the word of God ...

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