by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 6:12-20
Jerry Vines
It will take all of eternity for you and I to understand and
comprehend the salvation experience. When I came to know Jesus as a
nine-year old boy, all I knew was that I was a sinner, that Jesus died
on the cross for my sins and if I would receive Him as my Savior He
would forgive me and I would go to heaven when I die. I have been a
Christian now since the age of nine, now I'm 52. As I have continued to
grow in the Lord and in my understanding I become more and more aware of
how vast, how extensive, how amazing, how incredible is the salvation
experience. Salvation takes care of your past. It helps you deal with
the present and it takes care of the future. Salvation also touches
every area of your life. When a person is saved that means that their
body, soul and spirit are saved. Every aspect of your life is touched
upon by the salvation experience. When we think about salvation as it
relates to the body I am aware of the fact that there is a great deal of
misunderstanding and really failure to know that this is indeed true. A
lot of people think they are saved -- that means their soul is going to
heaven when they die and it really doesn't matter how they live and what
they do with their body. There is a little backgrounl that Paul is
dealing with here in the verses we will study tonight. In Greek society
to whom Paul was writing in Corinth the Greeks looked upon the body as a
worthless thing. They believed that the soul had value, but they placed
no value whatsoever upon the human body. Because the Greeks looked upon
the body as of little worth there were two extremes to which Greek
culture would go. Some would go to the extreme of asceticism. They
would deny and afflict the body. They would starve the body. There are
others who would go to the extreme of license. They would say because
the body was of no value and insignificant that it really didn't matter
what you did ...

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