by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 4:6-21
If you had visited the church of Corinth you would have found
a group of people who were filled with spiritual pride. You would
have found them to be very haughty, arrogant and puffed up. They
imagined that they were superior on the basis of a lot of things.
The Scripture says that these believers in Corinth has all of the
spiritual gifts. They were also puffed up with pride because they
imagined that their favorite preacher was the best of them all.
Some said, "Paul is my preacher!" Others said, "Apollos is mine!"
Still others said, "Oh no, Simon Peter is my preacher!" They were
filled with pride on the basis of what they considered to be a
superior preacher. They were also filled with pride because they
believed that they had arrived spiritually. Any time a believer
gets the idea that he has arrived, that there is no more he can
learn, that there are no new truths that he can learn, that he
cannot grow anymore in the Lord, he is indeed in a very very dan-
gerous situation.
Paul describes these believers in Corinth in a very graphic
way. Three times in these verses, Paul says to them, You are
puffed up! This is the picture of taking billows and inflating
them with air. It is exactly what a frog would do just before it
got ready to croak. Paul says, You're just like a swollen frog.
You're talking around so filled with yourselves. You think you're
so wonderful! You think you're so great! In these verses of
Scripture, Paul is going to use some Bible pins to prick their
spiritual pride and bring them back down to size. I don't guess
there is anything more distasteful or unnecessary than spiritual
pride on the part of a believer. It is totally unnecessary. Yet,
pride seems to be the inherent sin in every human being. It is
pride that changed angels into demons. It is pride that robs us
of the humble spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pride is never to
be a characteristic of a chil ...

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