by Jerry Vines

How To Understand The Things Of God
I Corinthians 2:6-13
The substance of these verses here compose one of the reasons
that sometimes the Christian faith is charged as being an anti-
intellectual faith. There are those who say that believers in the
Lord Jesus Christ are anti-intellectual. I believe that there are
those who brag about their ignorance and who feel like the less
they know the closer they are to the Lord.
I heard about an old preacher who one time said, "Lord, I
thank you for my ignorance and I pray that you'll make me more
ignorant." One dear sister in the congregation said, "I think
that was one prayer that was answered before it was prayed."
The fact is that it is not anti-intellectual to be a believer
in the Lord Jesus or to believe the Word of God. Those who know
Christ have come in contact with a different kind of wisdom, a
higher type of wisdom.
In these verses, the Apostle Paul is moving toward dealing
with the problems which are prevalent in the Corinthian church.
One of the reasons these believers were divided among themselves
is because they had become enamored with man's wisdom and turned
away from the wisdom of GAIL In these opening verses, Paul wants
us to understand that there is a difference between the wisdom of
man and the wisdom of God. There are two truths about the wisdom
of God which he places in contrast in these verses.
He lets us know, first of all, that the wisdom of God is con-
cealed from this age. Secondly, he says that the wisdom of God is
revealed to believers by the Holy Spirit through the Bible. In
verse 6, he's saying, we speak wisdom to those who understand it,
those who have come in contact with God through Jesus Christ.
Then he makes it very clear that he is not talking about earthly
wisdom. He is not talking about the kind of wisdom men can
acquire through proficiency and study and knowledge of material
facts. So he says,
yet not the wisdom of this world, no ...

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