by Jerry Vines

We know some rather interesting things about the city of
Corinth. Among them, we know that Corinth was noted for its ar-
tistic and cultural tastes. They embellished their cities and
adorned their temples. They were known for their beautiful paint-
ings and magnificent architecture. In many ways, Corinth was the
cultural center of the ancient world. Yet, when you read the
letters of Paul to Corinth about his journey there you will be
surprised perhaps to discover that Paul made no mention whatsoever
of its culture and its artistic achievement. There is not one
reference in all of Paul's writings that I am able to discover
about those kinds of things. When Paul came to the city of
Corinth he did not come to add to its culture. Paul came preach-
ing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul's purpose was not
to be a site seer but to be a soul winner. He was not interested
in being a philosopher. He was interested in being a preacher.
In these verses, he's saying he came declaring the testimony of
God. Paul came preaching.
One of the early church fathers said there were three things
that he would liked to have seen: 1) Rome in its glory, 2)
Solomon's temple in its splendor, and 3) Paul preaching. Never
could a man preach like the Apostle Paul. He was a man of God who
moved from city to city in the ancient world and preached. By
preaching, the Apostle Paul alters Asia, jaundiced the Jews, riled
the Romans, and captured many cities for the Lord Jesus Christ.
When Paul came to the city of Corinth he mauled its markets, he
stirred its synagogues and changed that city with a saving message
of the Lord Jesus Christ.
In a real sense, all of us are preachers of the gospel. I
believe that there is a call to preach the gospel which puts a man
in a pulpit and he proclaims the Word of God in this setting. In
another sense, all of God's people are intended to be preachers of
the gospel. Jesus said to go into all of the world and ...

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