by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 1:26-31
The purpose of this message is to be an encouragement to you.
I intend to show you that regardless of who you are, whoever you
are, God indeed can use you! Sometimes we get the idea that God
can only use a certain class of people. I'm thankful to God for
anybody who comes to know Jesus as their Savior. I am thankful
for celebrities who come to the Lord. I'm grateful for people of
wealth who come to Christ. I'm thankful for athletes who come to
the Lord Jesus Christ. But sometimes when we see these kinds of
people and they get high visibility for their faith in the Lord it
creates a problem in the minds of alot of other people. Sometimes
people aren't as physically attractive as others or maybe they've
not had the opportunity of education, possibly they've never been
outstanding in any particular area and they hear these celebrities
and athletes give their testimonies and their witness for the Lord
Jesus and they get the idea that they cannot be used of God
because they're not this kind of individual. According to these
verses, God can use anybody who is willing to be used by Him. In
fact, it has been my observation that for the most part it is not
the high and mighty who are greatly used of God but rather it is
an altogether different kind of people. You may never be listed
in "Who's Who". In fact, you may even be listed in "Who's Not".
You may never have been a Phi Beta Kappa. You may never make a
fortune or be a celebrity and yet it is the teaching of the Bible
that God wirl indeed use you! If you will study the history of
the Christian faith you will discover that Christianity has made
it's greatest successes among the common people. The founder of
Christianity was a carpenter. The first apostles of Christianity
were men who were fishermen and of lowly trade. Sometimes people
get the idea that the way you win a city or conquer a country for
Christ is to start at the top and win all of the peo ...

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