by Jerry Vines

Cutting Jesus to Pieces
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 1:10-16

In the previous message we took up the first nine verses of I Corinthians which are introductory in nature. In those verses, the Apostle Paul shows us who we are and what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. Having presented this he now delves into the matter of the problems that were plaguing the fellowship of the Corinthian church. Sometimes we have a tendency to idealize the churches of the New Testament. Two thousand years away from the existence of those churches, sometimes we get the idea that those churches were perfect without any problems. The church at Corinth certainly explodes that myth. There was probably never a more carnal or worldly congregation of believers ever on the earth than was the church at Corinth. Where I come from there were alot of churches out in the country and just about every county around me had a church that was named "Corinth Baptist Church". I have never understood why anybody would ever want to name a church again Corinth Baptist Church. To be perfectly honest, most of the ones I knew fit it quite well because they argued just about as much as the church at Corinth did. In the New Testament, you will not discover any church that was perfect. You will not find a church today that is perfect either. In fact, I like to tell people sometimes that if you ever find a church that is perfect to please not Join it because they would spoil it! A church is not meant to be a perfect place. A church is not a trophy case for the display of perfect saints but rather it is a boot camp for the training of imperfect believers. God has saved us and put us in a church where we're all at various stages of growth in our Christian life. We have to be patient with one another and bear with one another and forebear with one another as we grow into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul is going to deal head on with the problems that are in the church at Corinth. They did ind ...

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