by Jerry Vines

Closing Days
II Timothy 4:19-22
Dr. Vines 9/20/87
You recognize that these are the closing word of the apostle
Paul to the young man, Timothy. He has already in verse 13 express
the desire that the young man will bring to him some of the things he
feels are necessary in the closing days of his life. He has asked him
to bring his cloak because he had some physical needs, to bring his
books because he still had intellectual needs. Then he said bring
especially the parchments because he wanted to read the Word of God,
he had some spiritual needs. Notice also, in verse 13 that Paul says
specifically to Timothy, "Bring these things with thee." Back up in
verse nine he has also said to him, "Do thy diligence to come shortly
unto me." Paul not only had all these other needs, but he also had
some social needs. He had the need to have a friend who was very
precious to him to be with him in these closing days of his life. All
of us have some social needs. All of us need some people who are
friends and people who will be a blessing to us. I have a feeling
that Paul must have often thought about the time that he won that
young man Timothy to the Lord. Then those days of training when the
young preacher boy was under the tuilage of the great man Paul,
training him in the Scriptures, maturing him, directing him in the
things of the Lord. Maybe his mind went back over the journeys and
the travels they had had together. Cities where they had been. Riots
they had experienced. Revivals they had known. Souls they had seen
come to the Lord Jesus Christ. All of those things must have filled
his mind as he said to the young man, Timothy, "Timothy, do thou
diligence to come unto me." But in verse 21 he just increases the
indensity of the request. "Do thy diligence to come before winter." I
think you can sense the urgency in that word when Paul says it. There
was probably a very practical reason why Paul told him this. In the
winter time traveling was ver ...

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