by Jerry Vines

II Timothy 4:1-8
Dr. Vines 8/30/87
This is the final charge of the old preacher, Paul, to the young
preacher, Timothy. The statements are absolutely packed with emotion.
He has come to the end of his road. What a road indeed it has been
for this man, Paul. It began on the Damascus Road about noontime when
the Lord Jesus revealed Himself to him, saved Paul and changed his
life. All through these years now he has been faithfully traveling on
the Jesus road. Living for the Lord Jesus, serving Jesus Christ,
stepping in His ways every day. Now, he has come to the end of that
road. This world gives the greatest preacher who ever walked on the
earth at the end of his journey only a dungeon and death. He is in
the mammertime prison in the city of Rome. It is a very foul place.
The atmosphere is reaking with the stench of urine and blood. The
atmosphere is stiffling and humid. Ventilation is very poor. Insects
are crawling all over the ground. He is in chains. He is unable to
move as he would like to move. All around him are other prisoners.
Some of them are yelling, some of them are cursing, others are
fighting. These are the final days and this is the condition of this
great apostle Paul. What would you expect a man in those kinds of
circumstances who has come to face sure and certain death to write.
What would be the substance of this words of this kind of man. Will
he write a letter of dispair? Will all of the bitterness that could
be his now come belching out of his spirit? What will be the
substance of the message that a man in these kinds of conditions will
write. When you open these words and begin to read them you will find
that they are shot through and through with beams of heavenly glory.
Here is a man who is not facing death with dispair, but he is facing
death with tremendous victory in his heart. Isn't it a wonderful
thing that here is a man writing two thousand years ago and the words
he writes in that dungeon t ...

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