by Jerry Vines

II Timothy 3:10-17
Dr. Vines 8/23/87
Actually all of these verses build up to the final statement in
verse 17 "that the man of God may be completely equipped unto every
good work." The whole purpose of this passage of Scripture is to
illustrate for us the purpose and the plan of God that every believer
be everything the Lord saves that believer to be. That's why I've
said to you that we are using the words man of God in the generic
sense today, applying to every born again child of God. Every man,
every woman, every young person who knows Jesus Christ as their Lord
and as their Savior. The Lord's intention for every one of us is that
we be perfectly equipped, that we be everything that God saved us to
be. Let me use an illustration or two to help you understand what I'm
talking about. At this time of year a lot of our boys are getting
ready for the fall football season. So, fall football practice has
begun. They go over to the equipment room and they are issued some
gear. They are issued a helmet, some shoulder pads, pants and all of
these kinds of things. When they get all of the equipment on and they
go out on the field they are completely equipped to do everything
they are intended to do on the field. Let me use another illustration
that is an even better illustration than this. When a little baby is
born into a family, that little baby hopefully has everything
necessary in order to grow and develop the way it ought to. It has
its hands, feet, nose, eyes, ears, a mouth. It has everything that it
is intended to have to grow and develop the way it ought to be. It
has parents who hopefully will love it and take care of it. A
supportive environment. Everything necessary for the growth and the
development of that child. When you are born into the family of God,
you are given at that new birth everything necessary to grow as a
believer. You are given spiritual capacities. You have spiritual eyes
now. You can see. Y ...

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