by Jerry Vines

II Timothy 2:20-26
Dr. Vines 8/9/87
The New Testament gives us many beautiful figures of speech of
what it means to be saved - to be a member of the family of God and to
serve the Lord Jesus Christ. For instance in the previous verse, verse
19 - he talks about the foundation of God. There is the picture of the
church of the Lord like a building that is founded upon an iinqhakahle
foundation. The foundations of God standeth sure. The figure of speech
there is a building and the fact that God's people are built upon an
linqhAkAhle divinely prepared foundation. In verse 20, he moves to
another figure of speech and he talks about the child of God being in
a vessel in a great building. Sometimes the Bible does compare the
church of the Lord to a house. In Ephesians 2:19 the Bible talks about
the household of God, the fact that the church of the Lord is like a
magnificent mansion - a tremendous house. Using this figure of speech,
Paul discusses with us some of the things that are necessary if we are
going to be what God wants us to be and if we are going to serve the
Lord Jesus as effectively as He wants us to serve him. So, in verses
20 and 21 he talks about the matter of a dedicated life. He says that
the child of God is like a vessel in a great house. Let's talk for a
few moments today about the church of the Lord like a great,
magnificent house. This reminds us of the size of the church of the
Lord. The Lord's church is a great house. I mean by that that it is a
large group of people. There are thousands and ten thousands people
all over the world who belong to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I'm not talking here about Baptist necessarily nor pentecostals nor
methodists nor presbyterians. I'm talking about every born again
believer. Every child of God. The Bible teaches not only the visible
body of Christ which is a local manifestation of believers but the
Bible also talks about the invisible body of Chri ...

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