by Jerry Vines

II Timothy 2:8-19
Dr. Vines 7/26/87
In verse 7 of the previous verses of Scripture, Paul says that
we are to consider what he says and that the Lord will give us insight
into all things. There were some things that the Lord wanted us to
consider. Now, beginning in verse 8, there are some things the Lord
wants us to remember. He says in verse 8, remember. Again, down in
verse 14, Of these thing put them in remembrance. There are some
things that believers ought to remember. Obviously, there are some
things believers ought to forget. The Bible says in Philippians 3:13,
"forgetting those things that are behind." We ought to forget our past
failures. We also ought to forget our past excesses. We ought to
forget those sins we have committed that we have now confessed and are
under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are some things that
believers ought to forget. There are other things that believers -
children of God - ought never, ever to forget. I'm not talking
primarily about past, precious memories, but I'm talking about eternal
realities which we are to remember and let these truths have impact on
our daily lives. The apostle Paul sets before us several different
aspects in the life of a Christian. As you read through these verses
it's just kind of like walking over a field that is covered with gold
nuggets. There seems to be a nugget in every verse. There seems to be
a treasure, there seems to be a blessing, a truth that can help you as
a Christian in almost verse, virtually every word in these verses of
Scripture. Obviously, in the time we have alloted to us this morning,
I'm not going to be able to deal with all of these verses and touch on
all of these treasures the way I would like to. I just want to walk
across the fields of these precious truths, pick up a nugget or two
and claim them as truths you are to remember in these various aspects
of your life as a Christian. In verse 8-10 the apostle Pau ...

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