by Jerry Vines

II Timothy 2:1-7
Dr. Vines 7/19/87
As you go along in the Christian life, the lord will teach you as
you study the Bible, to begin to put these things together. A lot of
things that were unclear to me years ago, are clear today. They have
been kind of coming together. One of the things about Bible study is
that the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together through the years as
you go along and you see the total picture and see how it all fits in.
So, Paul says to young Timothy, consider what I say. Don't take these
things lightly. Look at these pictures I have painted for you with
words. The Lord give you understanding. The Lord has to put these things
together for you so you will fully understand them. He begins this
chapter with two words of exhortation that we need to understand.
The first one has to do with the source of strength in the life of
a Christian. He says in verse 1, "my son, be strong in the grace that is
in Christ Jesus." The verb used there is a word that really means to be
strengthened on the inside. The root meaning of the word there is our
word for dynamite. The Bible says that the gospel is the power of God.
It is the dynamite of God. He puts a little preposition in front of it -
in. Which means power on the inside. What it means to become a Christian
is that God puts power on the inside to live the way you ought to live.
Sometimes you talk to a person about becoming a Christian and they will
say, "I would like to become a Christian, but I'm afraid I can't live
it." The obvious answer to that is you cannot live it. It's impossible
for anybody to live the way they ought to live. You ever tried it? You
set out to try to live the way you ought to live and you will find out
that you are not strong enough to live that way. But the good news of
the gospel is that when you are saved by grace, you also have that grace
as a daily resource of strength from which to draw. We are saved by
grace, but ...

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