by Jerry Vines

II Timothy 18:13-18
Dr. Vines 7/12/87
These are the last words the apostle Paul spoke to his young protege,
Timothy. There must have been many things that filled the heart and mind of
this great preacher of the gospel as he prepared to go to heaven, knowing
that you Timothy had the responsibility of caring on the preaching of the
Gospel and winning the lost in these early days of the Christian faith. So, if
he last letter we have in our Bible from Paul to the young man Timothy, he
eals with matters which he feels to be of very great importance.
He begins in verse 13 and 14 with a word of exhortation - a word
oncerning duty. Close examination of these two verses reveal that Paul is
alking here about the Word of God. He is talking about the importance of
aintaining the truth of the Word of God and sharing that Word of God with
thers. In verse 13 he refers to the Word of God as "sound words." In verse 14
e refers to the Word of God as "a sacred treasure that is committed to the
eliever." So, in verse 13 he says to young Timothy, "Hold fast the sound
octrine." In verse 14 he will say, "Keep the sacred deposit." The Bible
ompared to sound doctrine - it is also compared to a sacred deposit. Look at
erse 13 - "Hold fast the form of sound words which thou has heard of me." I'm
nterested that he refers to the Bible here as sound words. Of course, we know
n that days that the Bible was not completed. The Bible was in the process of
eing written at the very time Paul was writing these words to young Timothy.
ome of the books of the Bible perhaps had already been written in the New
estament. Other books were yet to be recorded. For the most part what the
elievers had in that day was the Old Testament and then the Words of God that
ad been given to spirit inspired men as they spoke the word to congregations
nd then as those words were incorporated into the written books that we have
n our New Testament. I'm interested here that he refers to the Script ...

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