by Jerry Vines

I Tim 5:1-16
Dr. Vines 5/17/87
We have been in a series of studies in I Timothy and I have called this
book, "Helps for Young Believers." I think this is especially appropriate at
this particular time because we have a lot of people who are just brand new in
the family of God. You have just recently come to know the Lord and have
become part of this fellowship of God's people. There are a lot of things you
need to learn about what it means to be a member of a church and what living
for Jesus is all about, how to serve the Lord and how to be an effective child
of God. When you read the New Testament you will find that there are many
figures of speech that are used to describe a church. For instance, a church
is compared to a flock and we are the sheep in that flock. The Bible says we
are his sheep, the sheep of his pastor. Sometimes the church is compared to an
army and you are the soldiers in that army. The Bible says we are to war a
good warfare for the Lord Jesus and to fight the good fight of faith. But I
think the figure of speech that probably means more to me than any other is
when the Bible describes the church of the Lord as a family. In Ephesians
3:14-15, Paul prays, "For this cause I bow my knees unto the father of our
Lord Jesus Christ of whom the whole family in heaven and in earth is named."
God's church is compared to a family and we are the members of that family.
God is our heavenly father. Every other believer is our brother and our sister
in the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the reasons that means so much to me is
because as a member of a family that simply means that I have a relationship
with everybody else that's in that family. I'm talking in particular today
about the family of First Baptist Church. But of course you know that applies
to every believer every where. If you are a child of God, then you are in
God's family. If I'm a child of God and I'm in God's family, that means that
whoever you are, y ...

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