by Jerry Vines

I Tim 4:12-16
Dr. Vines 4/26/87
I have called this series of studies in I Timothy, "Helps for Young
Believers." It is a book that is written to a young man named Timothy who was
a pastor and there are words of encouragement, words of instruction for him to
help him be a good, young pastor. But it is also a book which can apply to
those who are young in the Lord, to those who have just come to know Christ in
recent days. So, we are finding a variety of subjects in this book.
Have you ever thought about the fact that most of the decisions you make
as an individual are made when you are a young person. That is normally true.
There are three great decisions that have to be made by every person.
Normally, those decisions are made while you are young. For instance, the
decision of your life's mate. Who are you going to marry? Or the decision
about your life's work? What are you going to do? What kind of occupation will
you pursue? What will be the vocation of your life? Normally, you make these
decisions when you are young. And normally, people decide for Jesus Christ
when they are young. I saw a survey that was taken some years ago of a large
number of Christian people. The survey found that 19 out of 20 of those sur-
veyed received Jesus as their Savior at the age of 25 or younger. Here's the
kicker. They also found in the survey that only one out of seven hundred
thousand of those surveyed came to Christ after the age of 75. So, the time to
come to Christ is when you are young. When your heart is open and pliable.
When you are responsive to the gospel. When you are receptive to the Gospel
and the things of God. That is the time you ought to give your heart and life
to the Lord Jesus. I am told there is a sign on a Texas highway which says, Be
careful of the road you take because you will be on it for the next 200 miles.
It's very important to be careful of the decisions you make as a young person
because you will live ...

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