by Jerry Vines

I Tim. 4:1-11
Dr. Vines 4/12/87
When a little baby is born, if it is normal, it has everything necessary
for it to become a full grown mature adult. In fact, one of the first things a
mother does when she sees that little baby that's been born is to check to be
sure that it's got ten fingers and ten toes. She wants to be sure that the
little baby is whole, that it has everything a little baby is supposed to have
at the time of birth. In other words you don't go back later on and get some
of the things that a baby is going to need. AT the six months point you don't
go back to the doctor and say, "Well, Doc, I think it's time now our baby has
ne eyes." And he puts in two eyes. You don't wait about a year later and
y, "Now, Doctor, we think it's time for little Throtmorton to have ears."
o, he puts on ears. No, that's not the way it works. If a little baby is
ormal, everything necessary for that little baby to become a mature, full-
rown adult is given at the very moment of birth. What is true in the physical
ealm is also true in the spiritual realm. At the moment of your salvation,
hen you are born into the family of God, everything that is necessary for you
o become a mature, full-grown Christ-like individual has been supplied. II
eter 1:3, the Bible says that God has given to us all things that pertain to
ife and godliness. So, when you are saved you have the potential to be a
:hrist-like individual. Now you must grow, you must receive the words of
ounsel and direction from the Scriptures to enable y to become that God-
like person that Jesus has saved you to become. This is what the whole fourth
chapter of I Tim. is all about. The verses that I have read to you today
climax in verse 11 where the Lord says, these things command and teach. The
purpose of these words is that believes might train themselves for godliness
to be everything that the Lord saved them to be. I want us to notice these
words today. There is first of all in ...

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