by Jerry Vines

I Tim. 2:9-15
Dr. Vines 3/29/87
We are going through I Timothy together. I'm calling this study, "Helps
for Young Believers." Timothy was the young man who was preaching to the
congregation in Ephesus. Paul had encouraged him to stay there and to help
these younglievers there in the Lord. Today, we are going to take up the
theme, A Godly Woman."
I marvel at the wonderful timing of the Holy Spirit. I have come to the
passage that deals with the role of women in the church on the very weekend
that our ladies have just completed the Ladies Retreat. We have had several
hundred of our ladies who have gone this weekend for our Ladies Retreat. I can
imagine you have used up several boxes of Kleenex, crying and hugging necks. I
know you had a great time. I think it is appropriate that as our women have
just completed a women's retreat that we should study the passage of Scripture
in the Bible that teaches about the behavior of godly women in the
congregation of the Lord. Most of you know we have women's departments in our
Sunday School. We have a large men's department and then we have several
women's departments. We have Sunday School teachers who teach our women. We
have directors of these departments who do a wonderful job. It would be
impossible for us to do everything we want to do and need to do as a
congregation here without the input and wonderful of godly women. Some of the
godliiest, sweetest,. most dedicated people in our church are the women of our
fellowship. They serve in all kinds of capacities in our church. They serve in
our youth division, teaching our girls. They serve in the children's
departments and Sunday School, teaching little boys and girls the wonderful
truths of Jesus. Then, what would we do without the women who are so very
faithful to work and serve in our preschool department. We literally have
several hundreds of you people who give some time every month to assist us in
our nursery area to make i ...

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