by Jerry Vines

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I Tim. 1:18-2:8
Dr. Vines 3/'2/
I don't know if you are a basketball fan or not, but I certainly a
;his particular time of the year I really do enjoy the NCAA Basketball
Vournament. I get a chart out of the paper and I make my predictions - Jon and
I pick the teams. He's ahead of m e a little right now. I had two reversals
yesterday. There were two upsets and both of my picks lost. I enjoy these
Daskeptlll tournaments. One of the things I have noticed about basketball
teams is that many of them have just about the same amount of talents. All of
them will have a center who is tall and able to get rebounds. Most of them
will have a point guard who can run the game fairly well. They will have a
good shooter from the outside. Just about all of these teams who get into
tournaments like that have basically the same amount of talent. But there are
some of those teams who seam to have just a little bit extra. I call it the
winning edge. There is just something about them - a winning edge-- that
enables them to come out on top. I got to thinking about the winning edge and
what it is that causes some teams to come out on top when they really don't
have that much more talent than the other teams do. I started thinking about
that in terms of the Christian life. There are some Christians that just seem
to flounder in the Christian life. They are saved, they know the Lord and yet
they really have a difficulty living the Christian life successfully. On the
other hand there are other people who are saved, they know the same Jesus that
the others do. They have the same opportunities, the same advantages that
other Christians do and yet they seem to be successful. They seem to have that
winning edge in their Christian life. I believe I can share some things with
you today that will help you as a Christian have the winning edge and be
successful, be a winner, in your Christian life. I think most of you have

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