by Jerry Vines

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I Timothy 11:12-17
Dr. Vines 3/15/87
one of the things we do in our fellowship here is train people in the winning
of lost people to give their personal testimony. We have been having a series
of studies in Sunday School in the adult classes on personal witnessing. In
one of those studies we taught you how to give your own personal testimony.
There are two things that are very important that come as a result of learning
how to give your personal testimony. One thing it gives you a very effective
tool in leading someone else to the Lord. Those in the advertising business
have long known that one of the most effective ways of selling a product is to
use a satisfied customer -- someone who can say I have tried the produce, it
works for me, I can recommend it to you. There Is something tremendously
powerful about a person being able to say this is what Jesus has done in my
ifie and wha-t jes-us- hw-s duln-e for mne He- is ab-le to do f-or you. I came to know
Jesus when I was a nine-year old boy. I have had literally hundreds of
opportunities to go into the home where a little nine-year old child was and
say to them, "I want to tell you what Jesus did for me when I was nine." Using
my personal testimony I have been able to see many precious little boys and
girls come to know Jesus as their Savior. So, that's one of the reasons we try
to teach you to give your personal testimony. It is a powerful tool in helping
you lead others to Jesus Christ. Another reason we want you to learn to do
this is because the giving of your own personal testimony somehow has a way of
making what Jesus has done for you mean more in your own heart and life. When
you begin to tell the story of what Jesus has done and when you begin to think
about the glorious experience which is yours because of Jesus Christ, it just
somehow has a way of making it mean more to you, keeping you closer to the
Lord and maintaini ...

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