by Jerry Vines

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I Tim. 1:1-11
Dr. Vines 3/8/87
Probably the happiest time in the family is when a little baby is born
into the family. Most of you who are married have children and you remember
the great joy that came into your family when children were born. There is
nothing like the birth of a child to put lightness in the heart of a father,
to put a new joy in the heart of a mother. I'm told also that it is quite a
joyful time on the part of the grandparents. I haven't had that experience
yet, but I'm going have that in about June. So, we all know that the birth of
a baby is a very, very happy time. What's true in the physical realm is also
true in the spiritual realm. There is nothing that brings more joy and
excitement into a life of a church fellowship than to see people come to know
Christ and be born into the family of God. You remember the Lord Jesus one
time told a parable about theep that was lost and was found. When the
sheep was found and the shepherd had brought it back to the village he called
his neighbors and his friends and said to them, rejoice with me I have found
my sheep that was lost. So, when you find those who are lost and you bring
them in, when people are born again into the family of God, it is always a
very wonderful and a joyful time. But with the joy that comes in new converts
coming into the family, there also comes responsibility. That's true when a
baby is born into your earthly family. That's always responsibility. It means
you are not only happy that the baby is born but now you have some
responsibilities that you didn't have. You are responsible for the care and
feeding of that baby. You are to see that that little one is protected from
disease and is not allowed to be exposed to the elements. You have a
responsibility to keep that little one as free from disease, as healthy and as
strong as you possibly can. Well, again, what's true in the physical realm is

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