by Jerry Vines

This Is Your Life
Jerry Vines
Titus 3:1-7

I. Our PAST Life
A. Intellectually
B. Morally
C. Socially

A. God the Father thought it.
B. God the Holy Spirit wrought it.
C. God the Son brought it.

A. Real
B. Reserved This Is Your Life

Titus 3:1-7

The opening two verses of this chapter might well be called, "A Christian's Citizenship Manual." Paul reminds Titus to tell the congregation that, while they are on their way to heaven, they have responsibilities in this world. In these verses he tells us that every Christian is to be a good citizen. He reminds us of the responsibility of subjection to our government. He teaches us to obey the officials who have been placed over us.

In the second verse he tells us what our disposition and attitude toward other people in the world ought to be. We should speak evil of no man. Insulting, abusive language is totally out of place for a child of God. He says that we are not to be brawlers. That is, we are not to be quarrelsome and contentious in disposition. But, we are to be gentle and show meekness to all men.

If Christians in this world would demonstrate that kind of activity and attitude in their relationship to the government in which they find themselves and in the people around them, there would be a great deal of difference in the overall cli- mate and in the overall picture of the world and in the society in which we live. In these opening verses are a manual for a good citizenship. The main thrust of this passage begins in the third verse. In these verses 3-7, we have a picture here of the Christian life in its totality.

I. Our PAST Life.

A few years ago on television there was a program entitled, "This is Your Life," Ralph Edwards, some of you old timers will remember this, was the host. Sometimes famous and other times the not so famous would be brought on the program. Scenes from their past life would be brought before th ...

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