by Jerry Vines

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Beautifylng the Gospel
Titus 2:1-10
Paul, I was doing real well until you got to that last statement, adorn the doctrine of
God, our Savior in all things. How in the world can you expect me, as a human being,
with all my frailty and all my failure to beautify the doctrine of God. Yet, Paul speci-
fically commands us in this last statement that you and I are to so live that we make
the gospel attractive, that we beautify the doctrine of God, our Savior in all things.
That seems to be an impossible assignment. It is like saying, brighten the sun, make
snow whiter, or water wetter. Now Paul, what in the word are you talking about when you
say that Christians, in their daily behavior, are to beautify the gospel of Jesus Christ?
That little word, adorn, in the 10th verse is a rather interesting word. You might want
to circle it. It is the Greek word, /(oZ94E . It means to put in order or to
arrange. We get an English word from it. It's the word cosmetic. Now, of course, cosmetic
is a word that means what you do when you put your face together. I don't know if you
are this way or not, but the first thing I do in the morning is stagger to the mirror
and take a look. Mirror, mirror on the wall, why doth my face a clock forestall? I look
in the mirror and see the damage that Mr. Sandman has done, then I start making arrange-
ments to put things back in order. So a cosmetic is something you do to get yourself
looking a little bit better. Now ladies, I don't have any objections, necessarily, to
cosmetics. I think it's a good- thing. i'v& always Felt like a l-ittle paint on the old-
barn door would help the situation. You better use peter pan make-up before your pan
peters out. I don't have objections to make-up at all. Be as light on as you can. We
have to look at you. Of course, I don't think we ought to have so much that it hides the
glory of God. I see some people with make-up on that looks like they are growing thei ...

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