by Jerry Vines

Titus 1:10-16
A. Their Methods
B. Their Message
C. Their Motive
A. Evil
B. Error
A. Character
B. Conduct
The Garbage Peddlers
Titus 1:10-16
When my children were small, one by one I took them out to the garbage can. I lifted up
the lid and I said, "look in there, What do you see?" They said, "Garbage." I said "That's
right, have some." They said, "Uh, uh, daddy," I'd say, '"ell,why not?" They said, "Well
it will make me sick." I said, "That is exactly right. If you eat garbage - put garbage in
your stomach - it will make you sick." Then I said to them that there would be a lot of
garbage they will run into in the world. A lot of mental garbage, a lot of moral garbage,
and if they put it in their mind and in their heart, it would make them spiritually and
morally sick. There are many garbage peddlers in our world today. There were some garbage
peddlers on the island of Crete who were seeking to over throw the faith of simple believers
and fill their minds and their hearts with things that were not true. The church on the
island of Crete where Titus had been assigned to preach was a very weak, sickly church.
That's why over and over again you will notice he places an emphasis upon sound or healthy
doctrine. He talks about sound doctrine, sound in the faith, Paul reminds the young preach-
er, Titus, that if he is to keep the church healthy and ready to withstand the garbage
peddlers, he has got to keep the whole, wholsesome Word of God in his mind and heart. I
don't think I have ever seen a day when there is more garbage being peddled in the world
than today. On the radio, on the television, there are all kinds of mental garbage. I call
it Daffy Duck doctrine. I call it twinkie theology. It may taste good, but it's not very
nourishing. There are people today who are seeking to overthrow the faith of young believers.
Just let a person come to know Jesus as their Savi ...

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